Instructions for Use & Care

Whether your bike is unique, or you're taking your entire family out for a rider Inflight racks will transport all bike shapes, sizes and styles, all at once, with ease.

For bikes with angled top tubes, such as female commuter style frames, simply purchase a tube adapter from your bike retailer.

The flexibility of InFlight 'anti-sway' MultiCleat™ fastening system provides security for any tube thickness and peace of mind that your precious ride will arrive scratch free.

PRODUCT KIT DETAILS: Each package includes:

  • 1 x Cro-Moly Drop Arm Bike Rack
  • 1 x Packet containing 1 x 1500mm Shock-cord, 8 x 480mm Shock-cords and 1 x 10mm Allen Key
  • Service and warranty details
  • Support Strap (Drop-Arm range only)


 Attach the rack to your tow-ball with the centre Hex-Bolt facing away from the vehicle by tightening the 3 Hex-Bolts with the Allen Key provided. Please ensure these are tight and we recommend storing the Allen Key in your vehicle for future use if/when needed. 

The best method of fitting bikes onto the rack will be determined by each user, however, we recommend alternating the direction each bike is facing, starting with the first bike facing to the right.

Each shock-cord has a cylindrical HEAD end and a capped TAIL end.  Insert each shock-cord into the Multi-Cleat fasteners with the HEAD end in first through the circular aperture until the TAIL end slots into its specific recess.

Wrap the cord around your bike (or pads when not in use) and back through the second aperture, pull up on the HEAD to lock the cord in place.


    Cro-Moly Drop Arm Bike Racks are designed in such a way that the carrier arms can be ‘dropped away’ out of harm’s way when the rack is not loaded with bikes.

    In this way, your Cro-Moly Drop Arm Bike Rack can remain fitted to your tow-ball with the arms down when not carrying bikes thereby eliminating the danger of reversing into other vehicles or causing injury to pedestrians.

    A pin locates the carrier arms in both the ‘up’ or ‘down’ positions.  The pin is secured by a spring-loaded clip attached by to a lanyard.  The spring-loaded clip is opened by lifting the middle post and inserting that through the hole positioned towards the end of the pin thereby securing locking the pin in place.

    The best method of fitting bikes onto the rack will be determined by each user, however, we recommend alternating the direction each bike is facing, starting with the first bike facing to the right.  Fit up to four bikes via the top fittings first, then use the cord on the POST of the rack by looping it through all/or last bike to secure them from swinging. Be careful not to over tighten the shock-cords when fitting bikes with carbon fibre frames as excessive pressure could result in a cracked frame.


    The Drop-Arm 4 and 4WD Drop-Arm racks are certified to a weight of 80kg when in use. The Drop-Arm Hatch is certified to 60kg  Exceeding this is at customers own risk. 

    IMPORTANT: Electric bikes are heavy! Some weigh as much as 27kg each. Please check the weight of your electric bikes. We strongly advise limiting your load to 3 electric bikes when using our Drop-Arm 4 and 4WD Drop-Arm racks, to ensure the total weight is under the 80kg limit. The load for the Drop-Arm Hatch must not exceed 60kg.

    The Drop-Arm Hatch Rack model MUST BE SUPPORTED WHEN LOWERING, letting the mechanism free-drop may result in damage to the rack or load.  Exceeding these weights or lowering unaided is at owners risk.  Bicycles and Racks will always be susceptible to wear and tear if not treated carefully when in transport.  Inflight Bike Systems cannot cover scratches and knocks under its warranty.  As with all Shock-Cords, please take care when releasing the cord to avoid injury from recoil.


    As with outdoor mechanisms please take care of your product. High-quality parts and coatings have been used but due to the nature of the product and its outdoor use we recommend standard maintenance procedures such as:

    • Cleaning if dirty, especially SALT and MUD. Avoid detergents as these may break down the lubricants and protective coatings.
    • Periodically grease or spray with a coating such as Lanoline to enhance and protect the action and beauty of your unit.
    • If the arms start to become loose simply tighten up the grub screw located under the shoulder of the arm
    • Avoid getting articles such as sand or chemicals inside any of the moving or action parts
    • The cords have been designed not to fall out if left unfastened, but we recommend loosely fastening them in place when not in use.