Pro User Amber IV

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A solid, lightweight carrier for the transportation of 4 bikes 

 One of the only tray style racks that can carry 4 bikes without an extender!!


  • Pro User tilting system provides easy access to your vehicle’s boot without the need to un-rack your bikes
  • Patented Quick Connector delivers fast, tool-free fastening to the tow ball.
  • Wide, stable wheel holders and straps secure bikes with up to 50mm wide tyres firmly during transportation without risk of damage to bike cranksets or frames
  • Driving and fog lighting supplied via a 7 & 13 pin European Jeager plug. A free 7 Pin Flat Adapter valued at $39.95 is included to work with Australasian vehicle set-ups.
  • Reversing lights require the vehicle to be fitted with a European 13 pin plug to function
  • Requires assembly.

4 Bike