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Pro User Bike Racks


Pro User is a premium bike carrier and electronics brand of Tradekar Benelux BV based in the Netherlands.

The core task of their parent company Tradkar Internation BV is the innovation & development of accessories, technology & electronics for automotive applications. So, with 33 years of experience embedded in their products, it is no wonder they are the industry leaders in creating innovative solutions to help people enjoy effortless journeys.

All Pro User bike carries are developed and manufactured in-house with great care. For your safety, and that of the other road users, the bike carriers undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to achieve European approval granted by the RWD or TÜV.

This brochure contains a small selection from the Pro User bike carrier range. The collection has been compiled by the team at INFLiGHT Bike Systems to fulfil customer demand to solve problems such as:

▶ Racking and stacking heavy electric bikes: Spinder Xplorer+;
▶ Protect paintwork and carbon frames: Amber IV & Spinder Xplorer+;
▶ Avoid the hassle of tool attachment with the tool-free Quick Connector®;
▶ Boot access with bikes loaded; and
▶ Fit all tow bar and ball shapes and sizes


Spinder Bike Rack

Spinder, was originally a metalworking and design company, who designed from a customer request, a solid and strong bike carrier, which had to be mounted on the tow bar. With this design, Spinder launched one of the first bike carriers on the market. Over thirty years, their designs continued to evolve into premium bike transportation solutions for serious cyclist, establishing a strong following from discerning riders and professionals alike.

In 2013, Tradekar acquired Spinder to strengthen their position as a leading supplier of bike carriers in the Netherlands and European markets.

Along with Tradekar’s Pro User brand of carriers, the Spinder range is designed and manufactured in-house to ensure each carrier meets the highest levels of quality and safety.