Drop-Arm 4 Bike Rack

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INFLiGHT's Drop-Arm 4 rack provides safe & effortless transport for up to 4 bikes of various frame styles, shapes & sizes, to a maximum load of 60kg.

The easy control and smooth rotation to collapse the rack tucks the arms out of harm's way when not in use. Removing the rack is as simple and quick as unscrewing the tow-ball pins. 

Through attentive engineering, the InFlight rack and MultiCleat™ system minimizes sway and movement so you can tackle any terrain, assured your precious
bikes & vehicles arrive in pristine condition. Where competitors’ fasteners leave you struggling to fit their straps onto their frames, the InFlight MultiCleat™ effortlessly secures any bike frame shape or style. The marine grade, UV and weather resistant bungee shock-cord can be left permanently attached to the rack, which saves you from getting stuck without fasteners to transport your bikes home.


  • Transports up to 4 bikes
  • Single movement folding support arms
  • Effortlessly carries various bike frame shapes, sizes and styles
  • Maximum load of 60kg*
  • Patented anti-sway, Multicleat & shock-cord fastening system
  • UV and weather resistant pads and fasteners
  • Finished with advanced long-life powder coatings
  • Support strap & fitting tool supplied
  • Extra security, 3-point fixing to tow-ball
  • Fits on 1-7/8" (NZ standard tow-ball)
  • Metal loop at the base of the rack can be used to lock bikes on for security.
  • Designed in New Zealand 


* IMPORTANT: If your existing INFLiGHT Rack is stamped with a Chro-moly sticker, your bike rack has super strength! It is Constructed from chro-moly steel, which is 60% stronger than racks made with mild carbon steel. Our Chro-moly racks are rated to carry up to 80 kg.